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Christ Consciousness Publications Presents:

In God's Own Words
The Book, The Teachings, The Happy Soul
 & Soul Connections

Spiritual Books that emanate Christ Consciousness

All of the Books are beautiful and amazingly insightful...
They seem alive, because they seem to grow with you...

The Book & The Teachings answer questions humans have had for millenniums. Every book is a must read for the beginner to the most advanced spiritual teachers and seekers. Anyone with an inquisitive mind or who wants a really good book to read. The Book & The Teachings are not to be missed.

The Teachings is intended to bring us into closer contact with the peace and love that is our true divine nature: transform hearts, begin to change our world and assist in the awakening of who we truly are... and so much more... a must read! 

                      The Teachings                    The Book                       Soul Connections
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