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Certified Esoteric Healing Practitioner CPEH near Chattanooga, TN. and surrounding areas. 

Autism Spectrum Disorders-ASD Healing Therapy- My main focus for 2019 - 2025 is to help these children with a recent discovery. 

Some of the lines of energy above the soul and coming into the brain are short circuiting or not reaching receptors properly.  Kind of like a light shining through an eye prism and not all the reflecting lines of energy are going where or how they usually are designed to. 

I have been shown where this is happening and been given direction on what needs working on to help these children, many are not really meant to be experiencing autism spectrum disorders and those that are because of damages to their system can also be helped as long as there is not permanent physical damage and with those pain can be reduced and better flow in the areas being affected can truly help. Improvement helps everyone involved... 

There is a lot more to it all... yet, is why there is such a variance among those being affected and whether they can compensate or be taught to develop enough awareness to compensate with the help of teaching/behavioral modifications which is where most people are focusing rather than on what is actually causing it to happen.

I have been told also that Autism is caused by damage to a segment of a soul fragmenting that needs help healing. The best way to heal really is by being loved and feeling love again at the soul level and all levels thus creating physical, mental and emotional dynamics. With advanced work in the higher centers an advanced and knowledgeable esoteric healing practitioner can help them to love themselves back into a more whole state of being. Then bring that healing to the body so it also can begin to heal. 

Because of already having congested areas in the body, toxins are much harder for these children to handle and get rid of... so thus many have to be very careful what they eat/drink and are exposed to and may have caused some with borderline problems to actually begin having autistic symptoms later on in their life. Treatment will usually also help to flush and dissipate many of these toxins and improve bodily functions.

The personality of a child is usually pretty well formed by 8-9 years of age, thus I have been guided to work mostly with 2-7 year old children. It's just the best range of age for the best outcome possible.             

I have taken all eight courses offered in Esoteric Healing utilizing also what I have learned for over 20 years helping people and animals. I have been certified for 7 years as a CPEH, Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing and have had a Bachelor of Science in Child Development for 10 years.  

Improvements can be anywhere from 10% to 100% depending on the child's will to heal and hold the shift towards full usage.  5-7 treatments are minimum when working with an autistic child, since 4 involve different treatment protocols and then 1-3 more sessions to make sure flow is being sustained and that the child maintains the ability to be able to heal itself... which we are all designed to naturally do... just sometimes things get in the way of that natural health we often take for granted. 

I have seen children just shift almost immediately after a block (energetic congestion) was removed and open up with kids around them, be able to learn with greater ease, smile and laugh and run off and begin to play and socialize... it is often times like a miracle.  Other times it takes time for the body to heal and to assimilate, almost always some healing does begin to occur. 

Follow up treatment 2+ times a year is also recommended to check and make sure progress continues as they are growing up in this world. Just to maintain a happier flow for anyone is a gift worth giving to ourselves and one another. 

A parent (closest guardian) also is asked to agree to at least 2 sessions, since all children rely on at least one guardian's  emotional body for protection the first 7-12 years of life till their personality is more settled into being in this world.  A pure gifted child, needs as healthy of a guardian as he or she can have.    

Researchers know areas are not moving as they should in the brain or gut and mitochondria (poles that get them to pump) are sluggish. Both are also actually a brain of importance for healthy functioning of the body and system health. 

About Esoteric Healing:  
Clients have benefited from Bioenergetic - Esoteric Healing from a distance as well, since no physical touch is involved.

Scientific Studies have been professionally done by interested doctors and scientists, along with large groups of practitioners also doing their own studies to prove that this electrical vibratory focused medicine really helps improve many lives through healing the energy system. 

Through training, a practitioner of Esoteric Healing can learn to identify by sensing with trained hands areas that are weak or congested within the energy field. This energy field though invisible to the naked eye, can be easily seen when focused upon by those with clairvoyant vision. 

If we can pick up the problems in the energy field (etheric body) before disease manifests in the physical body we are able to utilize preventative medicine from the client's higher vibratory energy fields such as that which comes from the soul and even more whole streams of energy than where the damage has occurred.

Through permission from the client (guardian) and from the soul of the patient- an alignment for healing treatment is opened utilizing meditative prayer/visualization that is aligned with a person's soul and Divine Countenance. Once alignment is felt in the hands of the practitioner and intuited inner vision also aligned, the practitioner can begin the session.

With studied techniques a practitioner can work on specific areas as well as general realignment, balancing of the patient's energy field and restore the field of energy to a more flowing, healthy state. This often results in improved physical, emotional and mental conditions. Thus treatment can and usually will improve numerous conditions humans have put names to for diagnosis. 

The energy fields are influenced by our mental and emotional states, so working in these areas may bring up memories and feelings to the surface of the mind for days following treatment which the patient may deal with privately or if they wish to talk about their inner response they are encouraged to do so with the practitioner.

Esoteric Healers have had some good results working with ASD Children. Often helping other therapists to get quite better results. 
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