Truth & Revelations That Have Been Hidden For Milleniums

Autism is actually a spectrum disorder. Just that no one or very few have figured out where the spectrum is or why it is being affected in a variety of ways in so many children these days. 

Most Autism is actually fragmentation at various degrees from soul/heart/mind trauma in this lifetime or a previous life experience. Thus causing the light spectrum that feeds the brain and other various parts of the body especially the gut and mitochondria to become sluggish, susceptible to poisons and to have some (blind spots) receptors not receiving properly that are important for physical, social, emotional and psychological development and well being.    

There are areas in the brain and the gut that need repaired energetically as well as higher centers that I have been taught about through telepathic communication because of my interest in these beautiful children. I am an esoteric healing certified practitioner with 15 years experience. Abilities that came naturally by 2001 after several years of spiritual growth and a quickening of wondrous learning from within higher centers of the heart, mind, soul and spirit after awakening to an awareness of Christ Consciousness which also came with the gift of writing very unusual beautiful books filled with love, compassion and greater understanding....

It is by the will of the soul and personality of each child and their main guardian(s) of whether to allow the healing to take place, I am only offering to be the facilitator to help open up areas (channels) long enough to help realignment take place to allow it to function again.   

Most of these children are environmentally challenged also by poisons and toxicity because the spectrum that feeds the brain is quite scattered or depleted of enough energy... areas become sluggish or blind to the ability to function properly. Thus setting off an array of problems in the child's system that have baffled most of the medical field and therapists trained to work with various modification skills, speech, learning and social skills.  

We can speed up the process of realignment and these children opening up again... What needs to be realized is there are also predisposed spiritual blocks and misalignments of energy coming into the body... people do not realize this forms the body, as well as the state of well being of every individual. With ASD a few areas of the brain may become sluggish, start misfiring or not be receiving properly, thus sensitivity to various stimuli and an array of emotional, learning and social abilities depending on how a spectrum is being affected.  

My job is to open all those channels long enough to reignite those areas and to allow it to function again, which may take several times to kick start, as all areas must fire up and move again with more vibrancy and flow more naturally as it is supposed to when healthy and vibrant. Lifting consciousness and allowing the gift of life to flourish more fully.  

The will of the child starts getting stronger at 5 years of age and may be less effective once they are older as the personality may block some of the healing. Yet, some progress will still take place up to 10 years of age if started before 8 years of age. 

I have been chosen to specialize in helping children ages 2-7 years of age and also work with at least one parent or primary caretaker at least twice. The child will be receiving 5-7  treatments in the first month, then 1 treatment a month till desired results develop and then one every 6 months would be optimal till the child is 10 years of age. It is best to start with a child while they are under 5 years of age before the child totally evolves 

No touch, no needles, realignment helps begin the shifts towards well being.  

If you know someone that would like to try these sessions with Laura Lynn CPEH, she can be contacted at