Truth & Revelations That Have Been Hidden For Milleniums
Christ Consciousness Publications 
Spiritual Awakening Books that grow with you...

These books share some of the most wonderful,  purest Truths found anywhere... teaching Christ Consciousness in a natural flowing way, easy to read and understand.

"The Teachings" and "The Book" have information that people throughout the ages have searched for, felt in their hearts, experienced , but had no real satisfactory explanation or ways to really prove . Written now for your enjoyment to reveal what you may need to know to help yourself and others live more fulfilling lives.


Books asked to be written to remind you of who you are and to re-member you to the truth of your Being.  Most of you asked before coming here to be reminded so you would remember!!!  Some of you do remember some things... these books share more than most of us actually remember...  A few things only God knew and has been shared within The Book, The Teachings and Soul Connections.  

Soul Connections has letters from God, questions and answers, writings from 4 books, information on soul connections like soul mates, twin souls, twin flames, eternal flames and all of the soul connections explained. The creation of souls and some hidden information on The Essenes, prayer, poetry and other writings collected over the years. 

The Teachings reveals The Holy Grail and answers so many questions we've all had at least a few of them... well, now you can find out!!!  So many teachings that will help guide you in Life!

The Book reveals how creation takes place, answers we all need to know to live happily here, it is almost like the book comes alive each time you read through it.... this is a book you could read hundreds of times and it will grow with you and surprise you with answers you forgot and got lost in for a while... it will help you to find your way again and heal...  so, much more than I could ever explain... All I can say is this book is filled with words that speak volumes...

The books are available as eBooks at  and also In God's Own Words ~The Book~ is available in a beautiful 179 page paperback book. You will find them to purchase for a very reasonable price on the products page.

Someone once put a 2,000 dollar price tag on The Book and I would say the information within The Teachings is worth that or more. People have searched, pondered and spent millions researching to still not discover information in these books.

For mankind as they begin the journey of spiritually awakening...

These books are filled with amazing information given from God for us all to know much more... to help us grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically as the happy souls with human bodies that God created us to be. These are true revelations.... of The Christ Mind, Christ Consciousness, The Great I Am Presence, The Source of Creation and All of Us need to read them no matter how awake or asleep we may be... you will see why when you read them.

These are true conversations with God: messages of Love from Heaven, Universal Oneness and from Divine Connection with God/Source/Creator. The Divine Center of your Soul that is connected to Christ Consciousness and through this connection that you too may ascend to experience Christ Consciousness, similar to as Jesus experienced when he connected with his I AM Presence, God Self and Christ Mind.

Christ Consciousness is more experience, beingness and knowing based than it is belief based.   PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO ENJOY THESE WONDERFUL BOOKS, you will truly look forward to the future books being written... especially THE BOOK CONTINUES which God told me is the most amazing, loving book ever to be written... if you ever wanted to go home... this book will inspire you... keep you happier while you visit here and lift up everyone to make this world a more joyful experience for all of us!   

Christ Consciousness Publications  
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